S.R. 426 Coalition Requests Resident Input to Fix Troubled Road

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A road maintenance project slated for State Road 426 in Winter Park will include safety improvements, and the community is invited to weigh-in.

The Winter Park Road Crisis Campaign, in cooperation with FDOT and the City of Winter Park, will hold a community meeting on Tuesday, June 13, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Winter Park Events Center, 1050 W. Morse Blvd. Residents are encouraged to attend and share their views on proposed improvements.

The meeting flyer provides information on the meeting and ways residents can join the conversation. Image courtesy of: Winter Park Road Crisis Campaign

As previously reported by the32789, the Campaign was formed in response to the increasing number of traffic accidents on a 1.7-mile stretch that includes Osceola, Brewer, and Aloma avenues. According to FDOT and Winter Park Police Department data compiled by the Campaign, approximately 666 crashes were reported between 2017 and 2022 with 31% resulting in injuries and two resulting in death. Of those reported crashes, 64% resulted in property damage, and total of 10 crashes were reported between Feb. 1 and March 21 of 2023.

A project team, known as the S.R. 426 Coalition, has enlisted the help of residents and community organizations including the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Advent Health, Rollins College, Lynx, and many more. The team helps collect ideas from residents, which guides recommendations for improved traffic and pedestrian safety.

“The project is evaluating improvements to S.R. 426 from west of South Park Avenue to east of North Lakemont Avenue,” said FDOT District Five Public Information Director Cindi Lane. “The goal of the S.R. 426 Coalition is to create a safer, more accessible corridor for all modes of travel.”

Raised crosswalks are among the potential improvements that will be presented at the June 13 community meeting. Image courtesy of: Winter Park Road Crisis Campaign

Proposed improvements were discussed during stakeholder meetings, held on May 23 and June 1, with representatives from FDOT and the City of Winter Park in attendance. According to Coalition member and Osceola Avenue resident Leah Milan, the possibility of adding speed tables, raised intersections and crosswalks came up during the June 1 meeting.

“We have been asking for traffic lights to be added at two intersections,” said Milan. “We were told that more studies are necessary before they could be considered – they may be more of a long-term goal.”

“It’s all very fluid, and we need to get feedback from the community,” said Brewer Avenue resident and S.R. 426 Coalition member Tara Gaffey, who admits more solutions are needed. “Traffic calming and reducing speed does not address the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.”

The full list of potential solutions will be presented at the June 13 meeting where attendees can speak with project team members and provide input. Those who cannot attend in person can access remotely or over the phone. See the event flyer (above) and access the Winter Park Crisis Campaign Facebook page for more information.

“There are a lot of ideas, but nothing is written in stone” said Gaffey.” “And we want to get a consensus on what the community ultimately wants to bring to the table for consideration.”

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