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The team at Findsome & Winmore, including its leadership, hereby discloses that it has conflicts of interest in operating this site. Modeling the examples of esteemed journalism we admire, we feel it is essential to acknowledge those conflicts and manage them responsibly. We have friends and family that we might talk nicely about, as well as clients and advertisers that we want to see do well. They also pay us money to provide professional services to them. We have associations and memberships to local organizations that we support. We’re also, at least most days, genuinely nice people who would rather shed light on the positive than the negative. That said, we won’t stop short of telling the truth. We wanted Winter Park to have a new source of local journalism “For the Locals,” rooted in fact and objectivity, which is why we started The32789. It’s also why we carefully considered its underpinning values and principles when creating it so that it would ultimately be helpful to you, our reader.

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