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Why did a marketing agency start an online newspaper?

After talking to many fellow community members, we felt as if there was a void in dedicated local journalism. And since we have substantial skill overlap with today’s modern news organizations—writing, design, online publishing, and photography, to name a few—we wanted to dedicate some agency capacity to the effort. Plus, we thought it would be a fun experiment.

But what business do you have being journalists?

Good question. Actually, and you probably already know this, the lines of what a journalist is has been blurring for years. The advent of the “citizen journalist” decades ago has only accelerated recently in the face of large media organizations receding in terms of local coverage. Our community is no exception. And while we don’t pretend to possess the journalistic chops of Cronkite, Woodward, or Maxwell, we do think our inquisitive nature, creative spirit, and passion for the truth will add value to Winter Park. And as we grow and evolve, we plan on involving more contributors and leaders with deeper traditional journalism experience.

Will you cover anything outside of Winter Park?

No. I mean, never say never (there will likely be some gray area from time to time), but our focus is Winter Park. We think other folks are doing a fine job of covering other areas of Central Florida. For that reason and others, we’ll keep our eyes focused on our lane.

Will you cover anything outside of the 32789 zip code?

Yes. While our name refers to the 32789 zip code, we’re well aware that the 32792 zip code has lots of action as well. Our marketing agency is case in point.

Who owns the32789?

At founding, the32789 is a wholly-owned property of Findsome & Winmore, Inc. While we may involve other investors in the future to fuel new ideas, our initial ownership goes no further than our company.

How can I share a story idea?

Yes, please do! You can e-mail us at

How can I advertise in the32789?

We are launching with no sponsors or ads in an effort to focus on our content. Moving forward, though, we expect to involve sponsors and advertisers in an effort to further connect our community. For more information, please e-mail us at or visit our advertiser information page.

I like paper.  Do you have a print edition?

Not yet. We might do something with a printed version of our publication down the road, but we’re starting with a digital-only approach for now.

Are you looking for writers?

Yes. We would love to involve writers interested in creating feature stories from time to time. Send us some samples of your best work to

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the32789 Weekly brings all the Winter Park news you missed straight to your inbox. Sign up for updates every Sunday morning.