September 28, 2020
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About the32789

Our Story

the32789 is crafted by Winter Park marketing agency Findsome & Winmore.  We’re the group with the curious name located near the corner of Lakemont and Glenridge Avenues.  Ironically, we’re in the 32792, but we’re close enough to skateboard to 32789.  We named our concept the32789 because we think 32789 is Winter Park’s most identifiable ZIP code—the home of Park Avenue, Rollins College, Winter Park City Hall, The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, and the Winter Park Farmers’ Market

Our company has a 25-year legacy in and around Winter Park, having been the dorm-room start-up of Rollins College student (and our founder), Matt Certo.  As creators and storytellers, we find ourselves curious about what happens in our town.  As concerned citizens and neighbors, we believe in serving, listening, and learning.  This project helps us play out those roles (and more) as we seek to make a difference in our community.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision

the32789 is a digital-only, hyperlocal (Winter Park, Florida) news platform broadcasting regularly on the Web, via e-mail, and through social media.

Our Mission

To keep citizens informed and aware concerning the latest happenings in and around the City of Winter Park.

Core Values

  • Truth
  • Storytelling
  • Style and design
  • Diversity of opinion

Our Promise

Today’s civic environment is one of many perspectives and diverging opinions.  The City of Winter Park is no exception to that. Whether it’s the decision to permit a new real estate development or to purchase more land for green space, our community’s citizens and stakeholders genuinely care. the32789 will endeavor to present a variety of views to readers in order to cultivate a more informed citizenry. After all, “democracy dies in darkness,” as the legendary The Washington Post perpetually proclaims on its masthead.

Beyond the often divisive issues our community faces, we also commit to telling the stories that deserve attention: the new shop opening on Park Avenue, the high school athlete making us proud, or the charitable group that’s quietly making a difference. We will shine a light on the people, places, and happenings that enrich our community.

One thing that we can tell you now is that we will endeavor to get it right. All the time. But despite our best efforts, we will fall short from time to time. We promise to own and acknowledge our errors and do our best to make corrections quickly and visibly. If you see something that you think merits a second look, please send an e-mail to

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