eSports Summer Camp to Go Live at Rollins

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Classes are not in session, but talent is being developed at Rollins College during the 2023 Summer Camp schedule. This year’s roster features a new addition, aimed at athletes hoping to hone their skills in the metaverse.

The eSports & Gaming Camp will offer an opportunity for immersion that allows gamers to learn strategic gameplay and connect with like-minded campers.

“In November 2019, we incorporated an eSports and Gaming program into our campus offerings,” Rollins College Recreational Sports Director Nathan Arrowsmith told the32789. “Now, we’ve added the first youth camp of its kind at Rollins.”

With expert coaches and advanced gaming equipment, the eSports & Gaming Camp will offer a safe environment where aspiring young gamers can level-up their abilities. “I’m looking forward to the energy and the excitement of doing something new,” Arrowsmith added. “I love the creativity, I love the competition, and I love that eSports falls under the athletics umbrella.’

The program will expose campers to new games and styles of play, feature guest speakers, and provide dedicated off-screen time. “It’ll be just like your classic summer camp experience, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., right here on Rollins campus in our state-of-the-art eSports lounge,” said Arrowsmith.

The camp is set to run in June with three week-long sessions beginning on the 12th. To sign up, visit the Rollins eSports camp web page.

Rollins’ roster of returning summer camps offers a variety of opportunities for enrichment and experience. The list is as follows:

Summer Music Vocal Academy, July 9-14: Young vocalists can gain experience through a diverse range of instruction, ensemble experiences, and acappella opportunities during this week-long program led by accomplished Rollins faculty. Members of Central Florida-based a cappella group Voctave will work with students and perform an exclusive concert. Camp is open to students who have completed 9th through 12th grade in the 2022-2023 academic year. Click here to learn more.

Sports Summer Camps: Rollins sports camps offer aspiring stars the opportunity to improve their game and build confidence with the help of experienced trainers and coaches. These camps provide a supportive and engaging environment where participants can grow as players, and as teammates, while igniting their passion for their chosen sport.

  • Baseball Summer Camp, sessions begin June 19: Players train and compete in two age groups, 6-9 and 10-13. Click here for information and pricing.
  • Co-Ed Basketball Summer Camp, sessions begin June 5: Open to ages 6-15, click here to learn more.
  • Youth Softball Summer Camp, sessions begin June 12: Open to players, ages 6-14, click here to learn more about sessions and pricing.
  • Softball Prospect Summer Camp, sessions begin June 15: Open to current high school-aged players. Click here to for more information and pricing.
  • Volleyball Summer Camps, sessions begin July 10: Open to young volleyball enthusiasts in grades 5-11 with several camp options to choose from. Click here for information and pricing.
  • Men’s Soccer College Prep Camp, June 12-16: Open to young male players, ages 14-18, with three days of intense training and conditioning. Click here for session and pricing information.
  • Women’s Soccer Day Camp, July 10-14: This girls-only soccer day camp is exclusive to ages 7-14. Click here for information on pricing and registration.
  • Overnight Soccer Summer Camps: These multi-day training experiences are divided into men’s and women’s camps, and are designed for advanced level players. Rollins Men’s Elite Overnight Camp takes place June 29-July 2, click here for information and pricing. Rollins Girl’s Overnight Camp takes place July 7-9, click here for information and pricing.
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