Public Works Director Discusses Street Repair Progress

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The City of Winter Park is in the midst of a long-range maintenance plan aimed at improving its brick-paved streets.

Prompted by resident concerns over areas of degraded driving conditions and poor drainage, the Public Works and Water & Wastewater Utilities departments began a series of assessments in January that included:

  • road foundations
  • stormwater infrastructure
  • traffic volume

Projects were prioritized, and some spot repairs have been completed. Budgets and contractor bids for large-scale repairs and stormwater drainage studies have been approved. Public Works Director Charles Ramdatt recently provided the32789 with a status update on the improvement projects.

What is the status of the city’s street repair projects? Repairs are underway with the Streets Division completing spot repair projects in sections of the city. They will be moving to other locations as quickly as possible. To expedite the process, we will be utilizing the services of independent contractors to assist with the smaller pothole-type repairs. Their assistance will enable the city crews the ability to continue providing services to our residents and guests.

Which areas have been completed, and which streets are next on the schedule? The city crews have competed repairs on Via Tuscany from Alabama Drive to Via Lugano. In addition, the crews have completed spot repairs on Hibiscus Avenue from Temple Drive to Sunset Drive. The next area scheduled for spot repairs will be Hibiscus Avenue, east from Sunset Drive.

Regarding larger projects, of which several are under review, contractors specializing in brick streets will be performing those type of repairs. They will be looking, not only at leveling out larger sections of roadway, but fixing the underlying causes which may be the result of utility, storm, or base failure.

What is the status of stormwater drainage studies? The stormwater studies will begin during the early part of this year’s hurricane season. The study areas will include the MLK, Lake Killarney and Lake Bell drainage basin, the Chain of Lakes basin (Lakes Virginia, Mizell, Berry, Osceola, and Maitland), land locked lakes such as Lakes Sylvan, Grace, Chelton and Knowles, and the Golfside neighborhood drainage basin.

Engineering consultants have been selected and contracted by the City Commission to perform the stormwater studies. And kick-off meetings have been scheduled to perform those studies.

Information on hurricane preparedness is available at, and click here to sign up for Winter Park’s citEnews hurricane update email service.


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