Sarah Sprinkel Shares Inspiration for New Children’s Book

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Known to many residents for her participation in last year’s mayoral race, Sarah Sprinkel aims to give back to the Winter Park community in a new way this month through her new book, “Mimi and Me.” Sprinkel, a former City Commissioner, released her work in early November and hopes to inspire creativity in parents, grandparents, and caregivers looking for new, free-of-cost activities to do with children.

“[Readers] will enjoy some of the ideas of ways to best communicate with children and why,” Sprinkel said. “Songs you can sing together, rhymes you can use, and how easy it is to make up your own scenarios. I used these with my Sunday school class yesterday, and it was a big hit. We played turkey pokey – not hokey pokey – that’s the kind of ideas for people to get.”

Now a first-time novel author, Sprinkel first debuted her literary interest in the late 70s when she released her children’s book, “All About Time,” and spent time writing articles for publications in education periodicals. According to the author, her writing experience has come in waves throughout the years, and she finished “Mimi and Me” just three months after starting her writing process in May.

“I wanted a project that would give back and put my ideas in action,” Sprinkel said. “A book was the answer, so I started with how people learn and how the brain works then associated activities for families to do together. They may be as simple as conversation starters or as in-depth as what you can do for the environment around your house.”

Following her book release, Sprinkel explained that her goal was to add more content to her work based on daily interactions and support from Winter Park community members. According to Sprinkel, it’s because of the community’s support that she has already started planning for a second book, which will focus on education, nature, and the impact of “environmental ideas all around us.”

“I am a huge supporter of all things Winter Park and the32789, and I appreciate all the many public events and people in Winter Park,” Sprinkel said. “I have always felt supported and hope others feel the same from me.”

In the meantime, “Mimi and Me” is now available on Amazon. Sprinkel explains, however, that her goal of sharing the book is not revenue-based, but because she “would love to have just a few smiles, laughs, and fun come from this book.”

“I read one time that when one hears a child laugh, you hear God’s voice, and I agree,” Sprinkel said. “I love to hear a child giggle or laugh – that’s what it’s all about.”

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