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Winter Park Welcomes New Bella Ballerina Dance Studio

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Bella Ballerina, a small franchise boutique dance studio for children, is making a graceful debut in Winter Park this month. Owner of the ballet studio, Tiffany Ingram, is welcoming tiny toes from 18 months to 10 years old to Bella Ballerina for trial classes free of cost to dancers now until full classes officially begin on September 1.

Located in Lakeside Shopping Center at 125 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 109, Bella Ballerina is new to Winter Park, however, this studio is the franchise’s 8th location nationally and its first location in Florida. According to Ingram, her love for Winter Park made the area the clear choice for the dance studio’s new location.

“I moved to Winter Park after immediately falling in love with its atmosphere and charm,” Ingram said. “We were lucky to have our commercial realtor, Alan Kronenberg, who located our space in Winter Park. To say it easiest, once he showed us the area, it was love at first sight.”

Light pink building with brown fountain and white sidewalk
Bella Ballerina will begin offering full classes to tiny toes from 18 months to 10 years old at its new boutique dance studio in Winter Park on September 1.

Bella Ballerina focuses on a dance curriculum that incorporates the students’ imaginations. According to Ingram, dancers learn through storybook themes, allowing young performers “the freedom to explore dance through imagination, movement, and fun.”

“Tiny toes are our passion! It’s in the imagination of every twirling little dancer that they are a prima ballerina, doing their best work without ever having been taught a step,” Ingram said. “That imagination is where we start growing not only a dance education, but a true love of dance through indulging all that is frilly, fun, and beautiful all the while building confident, strong young dancers in their toddler and early childhood years.”

Parents are welcome to join their tiny dancers for a stress-free approach to performing outside of the traditional setting. According to Ingram, the studio teachers will guide both children and parents through the recreational dance program, which could ultimately lead to the students’ first extracurricular activity.

Through its recreational dance program, parents are invited to join their students in class for a stress-free approach to the traditionally pressure-filled studio classes.

“All of the Bella Ballerina Studios follow the same enchanting and whimsical design,” Ingram said. “The studio has a welcome area boutique filled with anything your little one could need or love, a spacious dance floor and open concept parent-viewing area.”

Classes offered at Bella include four age-based groups: Bella Boppers, Bunnies, Butterflies, and Ballerinas. Interested locals should note that the studio, for the first time in Bella Ballerina’s history, will offer a founder’s discount to families that sign up for fall classes before the end of September, allowing parents the ability to cancel at any time without any long-term commitments.

Bella Ballerinas also prioritizes opportunities to give back to the community and has partnered with various fundraisers to donate to local schools, as well as the Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) and The Once Upon A Foundation. According to Ingram, it’s through these two programs that the studio is able to sponsor children who might otherwise not be able to dance, giving them the “opportunity and resources to spread their wings and dance.”

In addition to its Winter Park location, Bella Ballerinas currently has plans to open three more ballet studios in the Orlando area.

“We are humbled and amazed by the showing of support and excitement we have seen from the City of Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and the welcoming community of Winter Park parents,” Ingram said. “Winter Park provides the perfect environment for parents to share with their little ones and grow. It’s the perfect fit for us.”

For more information, visit Bella Ballerina’s website.

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